How to Choose

Choosing the best method of hosting depends on the needs of the person or business. Making sure that you get what you need is very important so having a list of ready of what tools you will be utilizing is very important.

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Hosting Check List

Making a list of what your website is going to need is important. Are you going to have 1 website, or multiple sites. Understanding your infrastructure is key to choosing the most efficient package.

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Hosting Forever

We suggest to pretend that you are choosing a host for life. The stability of your website will depend on it. Making sure you are not over paying for services you do not need is key in understanding your host. Read More....

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Hosting Is The Most Important Thing Your Website Needs

Hosting comes in many shapes and sizes and there are over 2000 different hosts that we have found on the internet. You can get shared hosting for as little as 35 dollars a year and you can get dedicated hosting with 1 ip for about 80 dollars a year. You may also choose a VPS server that has more space and more bandwidth. Because of the enormity of the topic we have developed a blog that covers many different categories and topics about hosting.

We always tell our readers that there is no right or wrong answer for choosing a host. Every website or every business has different needs. We suggest to read as much as you can. Talk to other website owners and ask them who they use and what is their experience. Google the company you are looking at. See what other website owners have to say. CUSTOMER SUPPORT is very important and we have dedicated many articles to that topic alone.

We use many hosts depending on what our need is. Lately we have been using Vudoo Hosting because they have VERY quick response time for customer service.